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fishing Sri Lanka

Deep Sea Fishing Sri Lanka

With a kick-start into the early morning breeze of the Indian Ocean, this seasonal escapade is more fun than it sounds. If it is the right time of the year, you will behold the wondrous spectacle of a fish parade on your way to the Deep Sea. The Indian Ocean is brimming with fish varieties like Tuna, Jackfish, Red & White Snappers, Barracuda, Small Sharks, Groupers and the stunning Wahoo. The boat will pick you up from the dock and roam the waters for about 4 to 5 hours or for as long as you wish.

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lagoon fishing sri lanka

Lagoon Fishing

A calmer and safer off season alternative to Deep Sea Fishing, Lagoon fishing takes place in a soothing atmosphere with calmer waters than the sea. A lagoon, which means an area of shallow water separated from the sea by a stretch of land, is somewhat like a large breezy pond. Usually freshwater from a river meets the ocean in a place like this and this phenomenon attracts a stunning variety of fish like Mangrove Jacks, Snappers, Mullet, Cat Fish and many more.

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