Water Sports Sri Lanka

wind surfing bentota sri lanka

Windsurfing in Sri Lanka

Another one of those water sports that belong in the bone-chilling category, wind surfing is all about adventure and action mould into one. You can take with you a multitude of thrilling memories from Sri Lanka, only with a surfboard with a sail, sailing with the tides and on occasion soaring into the air, creating an illusion of flying through the air. Wind Surfing is not for the faint-hearted but for the ones who would kill for the thrill. It is one of the most loved water sport of enthusiasts.

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water ski bentota sri lanka

Water Skiing in Sri Lanka

Take your water skiing to a whole new level at Malubanna. The Benthota waters and its surrounding is the ideal location for a safe and secure water skiing experience. With the absence of large boulders and other obstacles, the plain stretch of water at Benthota is an addiction to the expert water skier. If you are a water sport fanatic with a water ski craze then this is your opportunity to show off a few reckless tricks in a calm and safe environment. If you are a first timer, hesitant to have tried water skiing before, fear not, the Malubanna support team will train and monitor you all the way to successful skiing on water. All you need is a towboat, some skis, a little confidence and you are all set to walk on water. And as emphasized before, we provide the best of sporting gear in the Sri Lanka.

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jet ski ride bentota sri lanka

Jet Ski Riding in Sri Lanka

If you are a thrill seeker and you love water, then jet skiing is all for you. Also known as a personal water craft (PWC), a jet ski is nothing but an aquatic motorbike with skis attached to it to glide safely on water at a very fast pace. Skiing against the tide, letting the waves lift you and flying through the sea mist at times will equal to no other sense of exhilaration you will experience. Jet Skiing is the perfect water sport for the reckless. Let the winds of Benthota cool your adrenaline flushed body on your blast of a ride. Malubanna provides you with the best of Jet Skis available in Sri Lanka, all safe and secure.

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banana ride bentota sri lanka

Banana Ride in Sri Lanka

Banana Boat Riding is an ideal water sport for families. If you are on a vacation with your loved ones and wanting to have some together fun in the Sri Lankan waters, Banana Boat Riding is the excellent choice. If you are wondering what a Banana Ride is, it is simply where your friends and family are sit atop a long air-filled banana shaped boat, which is pulled around at high speed by a motor boat. It is a safe, yet an exciting and fun filled water activity.

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tube ride sri lanka water sports

Tube Ride in Sri Lanka

Tube riding is one sport that could be called, plain reckless. If you are a fan of big tides and love risks, then this is for you. Benthota is one of the best places in Sri Lanka that you could rely on for the best experience of this thrilling water sport. With gusty winds and huge waves you might stand a chance to meet wave tubes like you never have before. If you are considering this for the first time, our trainers will guide you through the basics of the sport

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canoeing sri lanka water sports

Canoeing in Sri Lanka

This is one of the safest water sports involving teamwork. All you need is a canoe, a partner and a set of paddles to wade your way through the water and you are there! Lack of prior experience does not let you down here, since there are only a few basics you need to know and this, the Malubanna experts will gladly take care of. Canoeing allows you to explore the Benthota seascape, calmly and in isolation like no other water sport activity does. This amazing sport is also currently being a followed by many as a fitness routine, in certain parts of the world.

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Boat trips in Sri Lanka

For those of you in need of a good stress-free ride, a boat trip would be the ideal deal. Find the wonders of Bentota, its scenic seascape and wildlife, wading through the waters of this beautiful region. In contrast to the speed boat tour which is done for the thrill of riding this ride is all about exploration and blending with the environment. You will be able to identify a variety of fish species as well as other coastal wildlife. If you are that person who loves a serene atmosphere, this is for you.

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Speed Boat Trips in Sri Lanka

Armed with a large crowd who wants a safe and mini adventure? Speed Boating is what you are looking for. Our guides take you, your family and friends through the Bentota waters in a high speed boat, cutting the water and air in its wake. Feel the rush of the wind on your face and inhale the scent of the sea throughout this ride. Enjoy this speedy ride with family slogans and screams!!! An incredible way to bond with the family and the sea.

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snorkeling sri lanka water sports

Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

If you are a wildlife lover and are dying to see what lies beneath the amazing Sri Lankan waters, snorkeling is just the thing for you. A wetsuit, an underwater mask and a snorkel is all you want and you are ready for your underwater adventure. If this is your first time, we assure you a safe and fun experience with our expert team guiding you through your first snorkeling lesson. Explore under the waters of Benthota and find yourself in the magical world of corals, fish and sea creatures with a simple yet exciting water sport, snorkeling.

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diving sri lanka

Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka

If you are insanely in love with the ocean and love the world beneath the water than the one above it, welcome to the wonder world of Scuba Diving. Goggles and a breathing system is all you need and you are good to go. Explore the under water world of Bentota and its various forms of life. Corals, fish, sea plants and other amazing yet extraordinary creatures of water are all at your disposal once you immerse in the water as scuba diver. Your safety matters thus you will always have an expert in the field with you, so even though you are just starting to live your dream underwater, Malubanna has got your back. Happy Diving!!!

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