Sri Lanka`s Leading Water Sports Center & Restaurant

We are a group of water enthusiasts from the wonderful Bentota region where you will find the finest beaches in Sri Lanka. MaluBanna is much more than a water sport center but also a fishing haven and a floating restaurant. We would love to share with you, our story of success and the dream team who make it all happen and a little peak into the life of the water sport legend of Bentota, our director, Mr.Chathura Gunawardhana. Don’t forget to checkout our state-of-art equipment, you’ll be thrilled. Dive in and know why we excel in all our areas of interest.


Malubanna Team

Our dedicated team armed with international expertise and training are of the very best you would ever meet. We prefer perfection to ordinary so have specialized people working hard in their passionate areas. The event planners comprise of a very creative team with 4 delightful individuals who would project your ideas for real. The committed restaurant team has 6 individuals striving towards a perfect platter of dishes once you are done with the thrills of the day and the most loved, action packed team of water sport experts are 6 in number who are at the core of MaluBanna’s existence. Our staff is capable of conversing in multiple languages thus omitting any language barrier and friendlier people you would never have met. Kind, cordial and passionate, you would simply love them!

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Chatura Gunawardhana

Chatura Gunawardhana

Chatura Gunawardhana, the water sport legend of Bentota had always loved the water and been attracted to all its thrills. His mentor and Uncle Thusal Gunawardhana paved the way for this young man to be what he is today. He is popular for his most recognized award for “Best Champion” of the Jet Ski Championship 2013. His Uncle who had also been a Wind Surfer Champion (1989-1998) trained, guided and molded Chathura to be the best of water sportsmen in the island. All his family and extended family have been water sport champions in one period or another thus the passion exists in the blood in itself. Let’s dive into Chathura’s history of water sports. Listed below are few of the many titles he has won. Read More