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There are plenty of things to do in Bentota. At our riverside centre and restaurant we have a great range of watersports and activities for you to enjoy during your holiday in Sri Lanka. Have fun on the water with our high speed jets ski, tube rides and speed boats or learn a new skill such as windsurfing or wake boarding. We also offer a range of fishing activities and local excursions that allow you to explore the area’s beautiful inland scenery, wildlife and the Sri Lankan way of life. Our activities cover a range of different interests and cater to all levels of fitness. We are a young team who have been working in the travel industry for several years both in Sri Lanka, Australia, Dubai and the UK and believe we know what it takes to add a little extra excitement to your holiday.

We hope you enjoy your time in Sri Lanka and look forward to enhancing your Sri Lankan experience.


Our Top Things to Do in Bentota

Why choose Malubanna Water Sports Centre ?

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We are an experienced professional company who never compromise fun over safety. We want to make sure you have an awesome time with us at Malubanna and that you feel happy and safe while doing so. While some might love a splash in the water at the end of their banana boat ride for example, we understand that everyone is different. Our team take great care when explaining each activity and make sure our customers are comfortable with what they are about to experience. Whatever your level of physical fitness or confidence in the water we can tailor the activity to suit you and of course lifejackets, bike helmets, seat belts etc.. are all provided as required.

We have passenger liability insurance for all of our boats through a trusted insurance co-operation, Janashakthi Insurance PLC and we are approved by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board. Customers will however be asked to sign a waiver on arrival and must ensure that they have travel insurance that will cover them for whichever activities they are doing.

We are armed with the latest water sport equipment you will find anywhere in the island. With our international contacts and expertise we are always a step ahead of our local competitors. At Malubanna, we give you nothing but the best.
We sport a large collection of the best state-of-the-art water sport equipment in Sri Lanka. We prefer quality over quantity thus have always been faithful to internationally trusted brands like See-Do and Yamaha. Our Jet Skis are the latest 2014 models you could opt for in the market plus our Banana Boats are out-of-the-norm being 10ft long and able to hold x passengers at a time.


The Malubanna team strives hard to keep you happy and thrilled while you are here and that is what motivated us to lend you our premises for some outdoor event you plan to have. Be it a birthday celebration, a private bachelor’s party, or any kind beach party you may want to host, name your event and consider it done! With our outstanding cuisine, rocking DJ’s and dedicated staff working hard, prepare to be the talk of the town in hosting that terrific party that everyone’s talking about. What’s a beach party with no barbeque on the grill! Yes, Malubanna supplies all needed apparatus for a delicious barbeque plus a large range of party decor equipments to amaze you and your friends with.

We, sports fans love our gear and adore the latest in the industry. Malubanna was created to share our passion for water sports and it is our pleasure to entrust you with the latest equipment onboard. Our fishing boats are of the finest in the Bentota area which can hold up to 8 people, is operated by 2 engines and comprises GPS Technology, life jackets, cabin and toilet. Our speed boats run at 140 horsepower and 85 horse power are very fast and the ideal boat for Banana Boat riding and skiing.
Our infamous Jet skis are of the world renowned Sea Doo brand with 1500cc. We also have a jetski collection of the latest Yamaha range. Safe, Secure and fun, our banana boats are a wonder. A more comfortable, safe and joyous ride with your family you are yet to encounter. Our other range of equipments like, skis, canoes, tubes and etc are all state-of-the-art and we take pride in being the only possessor of such beauties in the island.


  • Well, what can we say? Not a lot other than fantastiic! What a team - simply superb! In 2.5 days my 6 year old and 9 year old have gone from zero to waterskiing on the rope behind the boat, they have been taught how to tricks on jetskis

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